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Message posted on 03/08/2020

Postdoc vacancy @ Radboud University (NL) -- politics and ethics of digital health

Dear colleagues,

We have an opening for a 3.25-year postdoc position on the Digital Good research team at Radboud University’s iHub - the Interdisciplinary Hub for Security, Privacy and Data Governance in Nijmegen, the Netherlands commencing as soon as possible after 1 September 2020. Candidates should have a background in philosophy / ethics (of technology), science and technology studies, critical data studies or another relevant field and should be comfortable with a combination of conceptual and ethnographic work.

The position is part of an ERC-funded project led by Dr. Tamar Sharon that explores the ethical and societal challenges associated with the 'Googlisation of health': the move of large consumer technology companies such as Alphabet, Apple and Amazon into the domain of health and biomedical research. Team members will conduct fieldwork to map, analyze and critically evaluate the different conceptions of the common good that motivate various stakeholders participating in research collaborations between consumer tech firms and public research institutions, drawing on the framework of 'orders of worth' developed by Boltanski and Thévenot in On Justification (2006).

Fieldwork will take place at various sites in Europe and the USA. The empirical findings will be used to develop a normative framework for data governance in this context that can account for different and competing conceptions of the common good. Team members will conduct independent research and contribute to the overall framework development, and are also expected to actively contribute to the development of the iHub, the Interdisciplinary Center for Security, Privacy and Data Governance.

You can read more about the Digital Good project here, and access the application page here. The deadline is 20 August 2020.

Please direct all inquiries to Tamar Sharon ( and feel free to repost/circulate in your own networks!

Andrew S. Hoffman, Ph.D. | Postdoctoral Research Fellow
iHub - Interdisciplinary Hub for Security, Privacy and Data Governance
Department of Practical Philosophy
Radboud University, Nijmegen NL
T: @parrhesiastic | W:
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