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Message posted on 12/02/2020

Reminder: CfP Engaging Health Activism, Sexual Politics and STS (EASST+4S)

Dear all,

Please see the call for abstracts for inclusion in our open panel Engaging
Health Activism, Sexual Politics and STS (#55) below.

Conference: EASST + 4S Joint Conference, 18-21 August 2020, Prague.

Convened by: Lisa Lindn (University of Gothenburg & Lancaster University),
Emily Jay Nicholls (Goldsmiths & London School of Hygiene and Tropical

Engaging Health Activism, Sexual Politics and STS

The relationship between activism, biomedicine and sexual politics has been a
focus in STS since Steven Epsteins 1996 book Impure Science: AIDS Activism
and The Politics of Knowledge. In focusing on how patients, citizens and
organisations mobilise to transform biomedicine and healthcare, STS has taken
a particular focus on public/expert entanglements, such as how health advocacy
groups collaborate with healthcare professionals and mobilise citizens
experiences to influence health practice (Akrich et al. 2014).

In this panel we want to combine this focus on health activism with recent
calls to address the possibilities afforded by a greater attention to pleasure
and to sexual bodies in STS (Race 2019). Here we also include an attention to
the ways sex and sexuality are mobilised in political engagements with health
and illness. As digital technologies open new possibilities for doing
politics, sex and intimacy, and uncertain and turbulent times raise new
problems for health programming and notions of expertise, we hope to explore
the analytical generativity of doing STS research at the intersection of sex,
sexuality, health and activism.

We welcome contributions that engage with health activism and sexual
politics in various ways, and from a range of empirical areas. This might

Public/expert entanglements
Sexual bodies, affect and pleasure
The enactment of biosexual citizenship (Epstein 2018) in health
Continuities and discontinuities: troubled pasts (Murphy 2012) and
possible futures
Health activism and LGBTQ movements (Roberts & Cronshaw 2017)
Categorisations, standards, risk and politics of (sexual) inclusion
* Engagements with Queer Theory


Submission instructions:

Deadline: 29th February 2020
Lisa Lindn, PhD, Postdoc
Department of Sociology and Work Science, University of Gothenburg
Centre for Science Studies, Lancaster University
Latest publication: Love and Fear? Affect, Public Engagement and the Use of
Facebook in HPV Vaccination
Communication in
Science & Technology Studies.
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