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Message posted on 11/02/2020

CfP: Theorizing in STS @ EASSSST 2020 in Prague

Dear Colleagues,

Please join Sebastian Dahm and myself for our open panel at the
EASSSST-CONFERENCE 2020 in Prague, August 18-21. Deadline is, as you
might know, February 29.

193. Theorizing in STS

Sebastian Dahm, Technical University Berlin; Tim Seitz, Technical
University Berlin

The conference call places reflexive engagements within STS at the
center of its concern. In our panel, we would like to respond to that
invitation with respect to practices of theorizing. In line with its
interdisciplinary calling, STS encompasses a multitude of theoretical
frameworks that interact with each other in many ways. One of the core
preoccupations of STS has always been the analysis of various
epistemologies and their consequences. Our panel is going to attempt an
exercise in reflexivity by applying this analytical stance to STS
themselves. In doing so, we try to engage theories not as static,
self-contained entities. Rather, we would like to invite the
participants to address practices of theorizing within STS, thereby
placing an emphasis on theory-crafting as a fluid and contingent
enterprise. Contributions may or may not address some of the following

What characterizes STS theory? How do we as STS scholars pursue the work
of theorizing/working with theory? How do practices of theorizing
reflect a sense of urgency in face of existential threats? How do we
relate theories to our fields and vice versa? What alternative
approaches of theory-building could be pursued? What place does theory
hold in STS? How could/should its role shift?

In raising those questions, we try to explore the potentials that STS
theorizing holds regarding the instable and shifting worlds that we all
currently face. We would like to spark a discussion that tries to
connect our scholarly practices to the challenges we are entangled in.

We look forward to you proposals
Tim and Sebastian



Tim Seitz

Doctoral Student

DFG Graduate School "Innovation Society Today"

TU Berlin, Department of Sociology

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