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Message posted on 20/01/2020

CfA EASST/4S Prague: Digital Technologies in Policing and Security

Dear all,

we are pleased to invite contributions to the panel on “Digital
Technologies in Policing and Security”
  at the 4S/EASST Meeting in
Prague on August 18-21, 2020 organized by Simon Egbert (TU Berlin) and
Nikolaus Poechhacker (TU Munich) on behalf of the DTiPS Network.

Recent and globally disseminated technologies and processes of data
analysis and computational science – mainly in reference to terms (and
myths) like big data, algorithmic decision making and artificial
intelligence – have transformed many processes of knowledge production
in the field of domestic security practices. With predictive policing as
one of its currently most prominent representatives, the data-driven
production of (prospective) knowledge has now also affected the security
systems at every level – from policing to criminal justice, from border
control to counterterrorism policies. Different predictive models
include generating risky spaces – like PredPol; risky individuals – like
Chicago’s ‘strategic subject list’, EU-border risk assessment system
EUROSUR and US’ Computer-Assisted Passenger Pre-screening System; or
calculating the recidivism risk of convicted offenders in order to
inform the sentence decision – like COMPAS. Thus, regardless of whether
suspects or spaces are objects of (predictive) knowledge production, or
if recidivism risk scores for convicted offenders are generated, in the
end, these practices are increasingly characterized by a socio-technical
interwovenness with digital data production and algorithmic
technologies. This calls for an exploration of the sociotechnical
dynamics involved in the co-construction of risks, (in)justice,
(in)security and technological development. Correspondingly, this panel
seeks to ask how STS can provide analytical tools for grasping the
entanglement of technology and society involved in the development and
implementation of digitally mediated knowledge production in policing,
criminal justice, border control and other fields of security by
presenting globally disseminated case examples as well as theoretical
approaches on the digitalization and datafication of policing and
security practices.

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Deadline: 2020, February 29. Please hand in your abstract via

We are looking forward to your contributions!

Simon & Nikolaus
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