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Message posted on 16/01/2020

CfP EASST/4S 2020 - Environmentalities of Health Security

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Please consider submitting a paper proposal to the EASST/4S open panel:
#57 Environmentalities of Health Security

Carolin Mezes, Philipps-University Marburg
Sven Opitz, Philipps-University Marburg

Discourses of Global Health Security are saturated with buzzwords like

“holism”, “comprehensive approaches”, or “systems thinking” and

increasingly push concepts that make a strong case about the

ecological and environmental aspects of health, like “Planetary

Health” or “One Health”. Concerns about the circulation of

antibiotics through sewage systems and soils, the proliferation of

vector populations due to rising temperatures,or the conveyance of

“invasive species” through logistical infrastructures are just some

cases that point to what we observe as a rearticulation of health

threats in environmental terms. In our panel we would firstly

like todeepen the understanding of such a (re-)actualized

environmental orientation, and secondly do so by investigating

how it corresponds with transformations of the security apparatus

designed to tackle health crises. We suggest focusing on the

governmental, technical and scientific means that address disease

emergencies as a matter of ecology. Correspondingly, we invite papers

to address the following questions: How do techno-political devices

and legal protocols transcribe the changing

spatio-temporal constitution of disease into an

administrative topology? What calculative machineries, such as

seemingly trivial paperwork technologies, sensing devices or

computer simulations draw together epidemic environments and enact

ecological concerns for health security? What techno-scientific

interventions, from finance schemes over sentinel systems to

microbial engineering, are put to the field? Using these questions for

investigating a broad range of phenomena, we hope to clarify whether

and how contemporary apparatuses of health security intertwine with an

ecosystem view on disease.

Application until Feb 29th via

Please direct any inquiries to Carolin Mezes


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Kevin Hall

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