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Message posted on 11/10/2019

CfA | "Education in a digital era” (ERQ 8th)

Education in a digital era

Epistemological and methodological challenges in the ethnographic field

8th Ethnography and Qualitative Research Conference (ERQ)
June 3-7, Bergamo, Italy

Assunta Viteritti (“Sapienza” University of Rome)
Leonardo Piromalli (“Sapienza” University of Rome,

Different visions emerge nowadays for investigating education in a
digital era. A first relevant approach addresses the digital as an
ontologically recognisable space. In other perspectives, the digital is
engaged as a space of multiplicity – the effect of assemblages
constantly on the verge of becoming something different.

This panel aims at opening a space for reflection around such approaches
thus engaging education in a digital era not as a matter of fact but as
a matter of concern.


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