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Bi-lingual Symposium on Posthuman Perspectives in Mainz, Germany, September 19-20, 2019 at SoCuM Research Centre

[apologies for cross-posting]

Dear colleagues,

as it might be of interest to some in the list, I bring to your attention this
bi-lingual symposium that we are organizing at the SoCuM Research Centre,
Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany:

Posthuman? New Perspectives on Nature/Culture
4th Symposium of the Social and Cultural Studies from 19th-20th of September
in Mainz, Germany

Jenseits des Menschen? Neue Perspektiven auf Natur/Kultur
4. Symposium der Sozial- und Kulturwissenschaften vom 19.-20. September in
Mainz, Deutschland

Keynote Speakers will be Prof. Rosi Braidotti (Utrecht University), Prof.
Matthias Gro (Department of Urban and Environmental Sociology, Helmholtz
Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ) and as part of the Annual Georg
Forster Lecture 2019 Prof. Timothy Ingold (University of Aberdeen).
For further information please find attached the program.
We welcome registrations until 10th September, 2019. Please find further
information (on fees and modalities) on our website:
Hoping to see some of you in Mainz in September!

Best regards,
Kornelia Engert (in the name of the Group 'Posthuman' at SoCuM)

Institut fr Soziologie
Arbeitsbereich Wissen|Bildung|qualitative Methoden
Raum 03-422

Jakob-Welder Weg 12
Johannes Gutenberg Universitt
55128 Mainz


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