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Message posted on 11/01/2018

CfP 4S Sydney 2018: Bioeconomies: Life, Technology and Capital in the 21st Century

Dear colleagues,

Sara Lafuente (IPP-CSIC), Tess Doezema (Arizona State University) and
myself (Vincenzo Pavone, IPP-CSIC) are organising a panel on the
Bioeconomies at the 4S Conference, August 29th-September 1st  2018, in

Here is a description of the Panel: 

Rather than a politically innocent designation of a set of economic (and/or
scientific) activities, the bioeconomy has been introduced as a unique
solution to urgent problems, reshaping democratic and scientific
institutions, expanding the role and rights of private capital, and
modifying the meanings of citizenship. Contributing to the debate opened by
the recent edited volume Bioeconomies: Life, Technology, and Capital in the
21st Century (Pavone and Goven, 2017), we welcome empirical and conceptual
contributions that examine the ways in which bioeconomy projects cross
borders, engage with conventional ideas of sovereignty, articulate
particular visions of globalism, and engage with one or more of the
following questions:
- What is the bioeconomy project doing to, as well as with, science? How
are parallel changes being rendered differently in different places?
- How is value conceptualized, generated, appropriated, and distributed in
various bioeconomies?
- How do particular bioeconomies construct and mobilize—or, contrarily,
disentangle and deny—relations between or among, e.g.: scientists,
government, and capital; scientists and their research subjects; family
members; members of political communities; and humans and other beings?
What can we learn from the conflicts that underpin and shape bioeconomy
- How do particular bioeconomies depend upon, mobilize and/or reinforce
existing inequalities? How are transferences of biological material and
capacities being settled? How might we engage in a research practice of
constructive resistance with those who are, in effect, targets of the

Submission can be made

Please do get in touch if you have any questions.

Best wishes,

Vincenzo Pavone
Vincenzo Pavone
Permanent Research Fellow.
Institute of Public Goods and Policies (IPP)
Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)
Calle Albasanz 26-28
Tel. 0034916022351
28037 Madrid
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