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Message posted on 30/11/2019

[DEADLINE EXTENDED] Call for Workshop Proposals - Participatory Design Conference 2020 - Manizales, Colombia June 15-19 2020

                /[Apologies for cross-posting]//
<br>Dear all,
<br>submission deadlines for PDC 2020 have been extended as follows:
<br>4.12 Exploratory papers and full papers resubmission (ENG / PT / ESP).
<br>9.12 Beyond academia, workshops, situated actions, conversations and Phd
<br>Find below all the relevant information for the workshop proposals
<br>We look forward receiving your proposals!
<br>Best regards,
<br>Giacomo Poderi, Andres Lucero, and Liliana Villescas
<br>PDC 2020 Workshop chairs (
<br>Participatory Design Conference 2020 - Participation(s) otherwise -
<br>Manizales, Colombia June 15-19 2020 - Universidad de Caldas
<br>Twitter: @PDC_2020
<br>*Call for Interactive Workshop Proposals*
<br>Participatory Design Conference 2020 invites proposals for workshops
<br>that engage with the conference theme “PARTICIPATION(S) OTHERWISE”.  PDC
<br>Interactive Workshops are unique opportunities to propose ambitious and
<br>bold agendas for the PD community, crossing disciplinary boundaries and
<br>challenging the values, characteristics, politics and future forms of PD.
<br>Submissions to this category are expected to propose sessions that go
<br>beyond presentation formats and that actively engage participants in
<br>different and novel types of activities, e.g. problem definition, small
<br>discussion groups, mapping themes, do-it-yourself, hands-on group work
<br>etc. Their topic should concern any area of interest of PD at any level,
<br>/e.g./ theoretical reflections, methodologies, practices, etc.
<br>Workshops take place 2 days before the main conference in sessions of
<br>half-day or full-day.
<br>*Important dates*
<br>    1st December 2019*9 December 2019 — Submission deadline*
<br>    15th February 2020 — Notification of acceptance
<br>    15th March 2020 —  Camera ready submissions deadline
<br>*Submissions and Review Process*
<br>Submissions will be reviewed for applicability to the PD conference by
<br>the chairs and the PC. The following main evaluation criteria will be
<br>considered to select and accept the proposals: relevance of topic to the
<br>conference, interactivity of the format, potential to draw participants.
<br>*Submission Formatting and Length*
<br>Proposals should include: the workshop’s title and its goals; the
<br>planned format, methods or techniques used to structure the workshop;
<br>the way participants should contribute to the workshop; its relevance to
<br>PD; its need and value at PDC; and a draft schedule. In particular, it
<br>should make clear how the workshop topic and format link to the
<br>conference theme. Include few lines on how the organizers have the
<br>relevant expertise to set up this workshop. Convey the duration of the
<br>workshop (half/full day), minimum and maximum number of participants,
<br>and provide clear ideas on how participants will be recruited. When
<br>describing the recruitment procedure, important dates should be clearly
<br>communicated. Finally, the workshop proposal should include a clear
<br>statement about the expected concrete outcomes of the session (e.g.
<br>journal publication, research proposal, future collaborations,
<br>exhibition). If authors anticipate the need of specific equipment or
<br>setup for running the workshop, they should contact the workshop chairs
<br>well in advance of the submission deadline to map and discuss possibilities.
<br>*Formatting and length*
<br>Submissions should be made according to the appropriate template
<br>available on the submission page.
<br>Submissions should be written in English and should not be longer than 3
<br>pages. References do not count towards the page limits.
<br>Interactive Workshop proposals will be published in Vol. 2 of PDC
<br>proceedings published by ACM International Conference series.
<br>For further info, visit:
<br>We look forward receiving your proposals!
<br>Best regards,
<br>Giacomo Poderi, Andres Lucero, and Liliana Villescas
<br>PDC 2020 Workshop chairs (
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