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Message posted on 07/02/2019

Deadline extended until 15th of February! ESA Conference in Manchester

                Dear all, note that you can submit your abstract for the 14th ESA Conference

in Manchester, 20-23 August 2019, until 15 February 2019 (including the day of
the 15th, until midnight UK time).

Research Network 24 - Science and Technology welcomes any contribution on
theory building on changing relations and co-constitution of science;
technology and society; methodological advancements of qualitative and
quantitative empirical social sciences to study interrelations of science;
technology and society; sociological, philosophical, anthropological,
historical, psychological, economic and political science analysis; science,
technology and innovation policy studies.

Examples of topics relevant for our sessions are:
* * RN24_a - Science and Technology
(Open Session)
* * RN24_b - Science policy & national
research systems
* * RN24_c - Scientific careers and
* * RN24_d - Science and the public
* * RN24_e - Science, technology,
innovation & society
* * RN24_f - Gender in/equality in
science and technology
* * RN24_g - National & regional
specificities and differences in science and technology
* * RN24_h - Science, Technology &
* * RN24_i - Health, bio-medicine &
social context
* * RN24_ j - Energy, climate change &
* * RN24_k - Information Technologies
and Society

Gender, diversity and intersectionality perspectives are welcome. PhD
students' submissions are especially encouraged. Authors are invited to submit
their abstracts to the general session or a specific topic. Specific sessions
will be created a posteriori.

One specific session will be organised on the topic "Artificial Intelligence
and machine learning". Some have suggested that machine learning platforms are
giving rise to a so-called 'post-professional' society, where new
constellations of expertise and evidence emerge. This session will bring
together different viewpoints and perspectives on machine learning across
different disciplines. Please indicate in your abstract submission, if you
want to be included in this theme.

We also host a joint Session with RN05 Sociology of Consumption
JS_RN05_RN24: "Digitization, data and everyday life"

Submit your abstract here:
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