Tomás Undurraga, Tomás Ariztía, Gustavo Onto

Tomás Undurraga is postdoctoral Research Associate in the STS Department at UCL. He has written about the responses to neoliberalism and the varieties and justifications of capitalism in Argentina and Chile, as well as on the role of the press and the journalistic profession in the production of the economy in Brazil.|Tomas Ariztia is Associate Professor at the Sociology department of Diego Portales University, Chile. He is interested in researching the infrastructures of consumption, particularly marketing practices and devices, and is currently involved in a 3-year research project focused on comparing Big Data, Design Thinking and Market Research as different knowledge grammars through which social entities are enacted in markets.|Gustavo Onto is a researcher at the Research Center for Culture and Economy ( based at the Department of Social Anthropology, Museu Nacional, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He has recently concluded a long-term ethnography of antitrust knowledge practices in Brazil, describing how competition policy enacts the objects and subjects it governs and addressing some of the epistemological frictions characteristic of this mode of regulating the economy.||