Paolo Magaudda, Federico Neresini

Federico Neresini is Full Professor of Sociology at the University of Padova and coordinator of the PaSTIS research unit. His main research interests deal with the construction of scientific knowledge, the public communication of science and its social representations. Recently he also addressed the relationship between big-data and scientific research activities, as well as the implications for the social sciences of the availability of large amounts of data through the web. For the years 2016-18 he has been elected as President of STS Italia.|Paolo Magaudda is Senior Post-doc researcher at PaSTIS, where he does research about the relationship between media, technology and society. He authored many articles and several books and is currently completing (with G. Balbi) the volume History of Digital Media expected to be published in 2017 for Routledge. Founder and co-editor of “Tecnoscienza”, since 2013 he is also part of the board of STS Italia.|