Melike Şahinol, Arsev Aydınoğlu, Harun Kaygan

Melike Şahinol (Dr. rer. soc.) is a Research Fellow at the Orient-Institut Istanbul and head of the research field „Human, Medicine and Society“. 2016 she published her dissertation about the human as techno-cerebrally operating form. Her study based on fieldwork shows the adaptation of human and machine in neuroscience and describes the acting of a cyborg. Her current research focus is 3D printing in health care. In addition, she deals with bio-/technology politics in Turkey, particularly in the field of human enhancement.|Arsev Umur Aydinoglu is Assistant Professor at the Middle East Technical University and an interdisciplinary social scientist. After completing his PhD dissertation in 2011 at the University of Tennessee, he worked at the University of South Carolina and NASA in the US and conducted research at the ELSI, Japan. His research focus is interdisciplinary collaborative science; however, he is interested in topics as diverse as virtual teams, research data management, astrobiology, origins of life, complex adaptive systems theory, evaluation studies, design thinking, STS and science communication.|Harun Kaygan is Assistant Professor in industrial design at Middle East Technical University. A designer by training, he received his PhD in 2012 from the University of Brighton. In his research and teaching, Harun is interested in the cultural aspects and political implications of design and technology development, focusing on ethnographic and generative research methods. His current research interests include actor-network theory and new materialist frameworks; biopolitics, health and bodily interactions.