Göde Both, Marisa Leavitt Cohn

Marisa Leavitt Cohn is an associate professor at the IT University of Copenhagen where she is a member of the Technologies in Practice and Interaction Design research groups and co-head of the ETHOS laboratory. With a PhD in information and computer science, she combines approaches from HCI, anthropology, and STS to examine temporal imaginaries of sociotechnical change in organizations and the politics of computational work. Her work focuses in particular on infrastructural decay and the maintenance of long-lived sociotechnical systems.|Göde Both is a researcher at TU Braunschweig’s “Gender, Technology & Mobility” group (http://www.tu-bs.de/gtm). From August until November 2016 he visited University of Copenhagen and ITU Copenhagen. As a PhD student in Social Sciences (University of Cologne) with a background in Computer Science (Humboldt-University of Berlin), he currently writes up his praxeographic study on self-driving car research.