Erik Aarden & Nikolaus Poechhacker

Helene Sorgner is a doctoral researcher at the departments of Science, Technology & Society Studies and Science Communication and Higher Education Research at the University of Klagenfurt, Austria. Deeply curious about the origins of knowledge and its value, she studies the social conditions of knowledge production in large-scale research collaborations, with a particular interest in the academic living spaces of fellow early-career researchers.|Nikolaus Poechhacker is senior scientist at the Digital Age Research Center (D!ARC), University of Klagenfurt and head of Critical Legal Tech at the Constitutional Innovation Hub Graz. In his work he is researching the relationship between democratic institutions, social order, and algorithmic systems in various domains, bringing together perspectives from media theory, STS, computer science, and sociology. Most recently, he is exploring the impact of algorithmic procedures and digital legal technologies on the legal system.|Erik Aarden is postdoc at the Department of Science, Technology & Society Studies at the University of Klagenfurt and board member of STS Austria. In his research to date, he has focused on biomedical science and technology in relation to democracy and the distribution of (public) resources through a comparative lens. His teaching has focused on a wide range of STS themes, including introductory theory and methods courses.