Anna Mann and Laura Watts

Anna Mann is a PostDoc researcher at the Department of Anthropology at Copenhagen University. Her research investigates how ‘the good’ is created in socio-material practices. It uses ethnographic methods to illuminate currently the case of the making of ‘quality of life’ in medical practices, and previously moments in which something ‘tastes good’. The ethnographic research on goods in practice is complemented with experiments into the performativity of methods, among others inhabiting the subject position of a clown.|Laura Watts is a writer, poet, ethnographer of futures, and Associate Professor at the IT University of Copenhagen. Her STS research is concerned with the effect of ‘edge’ landscapes on how the future is imagined and made, along with an exploration of different methods and practices for writing futures otherwise. She has worked with the mobile telecoms industry, the renewable energy industry, and the public transport sector, and is currently collaborating with people and places around marine energy in the Orkney islands, Scotland. Her recent co-edited book, Ebban an’ Flowan, is the world’s first poetic primer to marine renewable energy. Much of her work is published on her website at