Amsterdamska award

The Amsterdamska award will be made for a significant creative collaboration in an edited book or special issue in the broad field of science and technology studies.

Selection will be based on an anthology in the broad field of STS, that through its publication process (such as series of meetings, collective work, etc.) and due to the quality of the volume makes a substantive contribution to the field in terms of originality or impact; the quality of the editing, as reflected in the quality of the volume as a whole; interdisciplinarity, while not a requirement, will be valued; inclusiveness across career stages will also be valued.

Olga Amsterdamska was a lecturer in Science & Technology Studies at the University of Amsterdam for 25 years. She died in 2009 at the age of 55. Following a study of schools of thought in linguistics she focused her personal work on epistemology in biomedicine. She was editor of Science, Technology & Human Values between 1994 and 1998. During Olga’s editorship of the journal, the STS community benefitted from all of her core traits as an academic – her open mind and broad vision of the field and dedication to its development, her warm-heartedness and inclusiveness, and her incisive critical thinking and high standards of quality. These were also qualities that Olga brought with her to EASST and 4S meetings through the years and that helped make those meetings the community-building enterprises they have become. She was one of the editors of the third edition of the Handbook of Science and Technology Studies (2007).

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