Subject: The Key to Resolving Straw Burning: Farmers’ Expertise | by P Pandey, G Valkenburg, A Mamidipudi, & W.E. Bijker

*The Key to Resolving Straw Burning: Farmers’ Expertise*
by Poonam Pandey, Govert Valkenburg, Annapurna Mamidipudi, Wiebe E. Bijker
Maastricht University, 2017, *Policy brief on missing cultural perspectives*

*Key insights*

- The problem of straw burning is persistent: rules and regulations nor
technological alternatives have been able to end it. This points at the
need for a much deeper understanding of the underlying causes.
- Using agricultural waste for energy is not only a technological and
supply-chain problem, but requires integrated policies from the
agricultural and energy-domain ministries.
- Without the collaboration of farmers, no solution will work. Farmers
thus need to be involved in finding solutions that help their communities
and livelihoods, values their skills and knowledge, and respects their
identities and dignity.
- The problem has such diverse technological, economic and cultural
dimensions, that a diversity of solutions should be pursued. This
should include localized and community-based solutions. One centralised
industry-led bioenergy approach, such as 2G ethanol, will not accommodate
the diverse forms in which the problem exists.

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