Subject: 2018 SRA-Benelux Conference - New deadline for abstract submission: 17 December 2017

CALL FOR PAPERS - Society for Risk Analysis-Benelux Conference "Change in risk
- Risk in change"
26 March 2018 - SCK/CEN, Mol, Belgium

New deadline for abstract submission: 17 December 2017

Our world is changing at a rapid pace and we are changing with it. New and
emerging technologies, enhance, disturb, or transform existing societies,
markets, and networks, as do organizational shifts and innovations designed to
meet societal or environmental needs. Furthermore, the national and
international political landscapes are undergoing profound changes as the
balance of power is shifting in several directions. Existing conventions and
policies are unable to address these problems and may even exacerbate the
risks these changes pose. These trends profoundly affect the social, economic,
environmental, and cultural outlooks of societies and individuals alike,
creating momentous opportunities for change, as well as challenges, and risks.
They evoke questions for risk analysis, policy, and management in the
following ways:

* What kinds of risk do contemporary societies confront? What is new or
different about these risks and which approaches are best suited to tackle
* Which practices, problems, and people contribute to the shaping of risk
and change management? Can change and risks be governed in socially
responsible ways?
* How are risk and change understood, performed, or framed? Is risk best
understood as a physical attribute or as a social construction, or both?
* How is risk analysis adapting, responding, being extended or
"innovated," in view of technological, economic, and social changes and

This conference invites papers that engage with these interconnected processes
of change in risk and risk in change, as institutions, norms, and practices,
are reconfigured, dissolved, or transformed in manifold ways - including the
fields of risk analysis, management, and policy (SRA 2015). Theoretical,
methodological, and empirical perspectives on the above topics are welcomed.

Abstracts for individual presentations and symposia that are not restricted to
this year's focal theme but are well within the scope of the SRA-E-BeNeLux's
research agenda, will also be considered. Potential topics include: risks to
human health and the environment, digital risks and security, risk perception
and communication, risk ethics, risks and regulation, and risk literacy and

SRA (Society for Risk Analysis), "Risk Analysis Foundations." May 7, 2015

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