Subject: Science, Technology and Innovation Studies (STIS) senior seminar series at the University of Edinburgh

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Apologies for cross-posting. We are very pleased to share with you details of the Science, Technology and Innovation Studies senior seminar series at the University of Edinburgh. Please use the following website address for further details on the location of each seminar, which will be updated accordingly.

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Dr Faye Wade and Dr Dominic Berry (co-organisers)

Semester 1 - STIS seminar series 2017/18


Deborah Scott, University of Edinburgh

Making space for the political in Responsible Research and Innovation


Michael Hopkins, University of Sussex

Science, the State and the City: Britain’s struggle to imitate US success in Biotechnology - and its lessons for industrial strategy


Balazs Vedres, Central European University

Forbidden triads and Creative Success in Jazz: The Miles Davis Factor


Anna Krzywoszynska, University of Sheffield

Caring for soil life, surviving the Anthropocene


Abigail Nieves Delgado, Ruhr-Universität Bochum Wortmarke

Facial recognition technologies and the old problem of human categorization


Laurens Klerkx, Wageningen University

Lost in translation or lack of translation? Replication of co-innovation in international research collaborations


Amy Hinterberger, University of Warwick

Marked ‘h’ for human: Chimeric Life and the Politics of the Human


Jon Agar, UCL

How to kill AI: James Lighthill and the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Winter


PhD Showcase

Daniel Thorpe, University of Edinburgh

Matjaz Vidmar, University of Edinburgh

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