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A gentle reminder
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Dear colleague,
Please find enclosed a Call for papers to the next After method in organisation studies-conference, held at Mälardalen university, Västerås, Sweden, on Sept 27-29, 2017.

It would be wonderful to welcome you to this exciting conference, where you can participate in paper presentation OR paper development sessions, and where you will be inspired by talks from Inspirators such as for example Professor John Law, sociologist in the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Open University<>, UK and author of “After method. Mess in Social Science Research” (2004), the book that inspired us to arrange the first After method-workshop in 2013.

Deadline for abstracts (200-500 words) is March 31st – please submit to<>.

More info on


Anette Hallin and Lucia Crevani

Mälardalen University

School of Business, Society and Engineering

New Management Practices (NMP) - renewing management practice through coproduction and the use of critical and interpretative approaches.


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