Subject: CfP 4S Open Panel #13 Sensing Robots

Annual Meeting of the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S)
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
30 August – 2 September 2017

Call for Paper

13. Sensing Robots
Organized by: Arne Maibaum, TU Berlin; Andreas Bischof, TU Chemnitz

To explore how the world is made ‘sense-able’ it is worthwhile to look
at how we build technology that is supposed to coexist in everyday
lifeworlds. Recent developments in robotics are challenging this
question. Whether commercial products like “Jibo” or academic
endeavours, robots will inhabit our homes and workplaces. Sensing the
world is crucial for this undertaking, e.g. the widespread “sense, plan,
act” robot control methodology. In order to cope with human
environments, robots can not only ‘see’ and ‘hear’, they possess senses
beyond that, eventually also beyond human capacity. We want to discuss
how and what robots for everyday worlds sense, and how that might change
the sensing of and in these social worlds. These questions relate to
comprehensive perspectives on science and technology. What are robots
supposed to sense? Which knowledge of the sensible world is thereby
inscripted into robots? Which concepts of sensing constitute robotics?
How are usage scenarios and users thereby pre-scripted? How is the
perceptible world made into a laboratory? And beyond this, what
knowledge about the world is created while building such sensible
artifacts? Furthermore, we learn about our own (in)sensibilities when we
examine the design and construction of robotic technology mediating
perception. What does STS perceive of robotics as practice? Do we have
the methods and theories to address the blind spots of the sensing
machines? What are the epistemics of robots sensing everyday worlds? How
does STS reconstruct sensing robots (including material practices;
technical limitations)?

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