Subject: Open panel 4S: Panel 26. Academic Evaluation in an Age of "Post truth"

***** 4S Boston (Aug 30 - Sep 2, 2017) *****

Call for papers to open panel 26. Academic Evaluation in an Age of "Post
Organized by: Claes-Fredrik Helgesson, Linköping University, Sweden; Steve
Woolgar, Linköping University and University of Oxford; Mario Biagioli, UC

STS has made major contributions in respecifying the key concept of
“values”. We can no longer take for granted that values are given or that
they straightforwardly determine action. We know instead how much is involved
in making, articulating, enacting and manipulating values. In academic work,
such practices abound: we know that determinations of academic value involve
contingent practices of evaluating, rating and ranking performance. What are
the implications of this understanding of academic evaluation in the
contemporary situation, where standards of truth are allegedly undergoing
significant modification? In a situation of “post truth” (nominated as
OD's new word of 2016) what contributions can our pragmatist orientation to
evaluation make, and how? Is it possible or important to retain symmetry,
impartiality, and agnosticism with a phenomenon which so close to home? Is
this simply to replay the contention that critique has run out of steam or are
we witnessing the emergence of practices of evaluation that are inherently
external to regimes of truth and thus of critique? Can STS make interventions
that can make a difference? This panel invites papers which address the
practices and transformations of academic evaluation in the age of post truth.
These practices include, but extend considerably beyond, the use of diverse
metrics and indicators. For example, the panel invites discussion of peer
reviewing, grant proposal assessments, paper grading, appointments and
promotions, awards and prizes, book endorsements and other professional
practices. We welcome papers which discuss more (or less) appropriate future
modes of academic evaluation.

Deadline: 1 March
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