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Message posted on 11/05/2022

Call for Panels 2023

Call for Panels 2023?

STS has become a recognised, delineated academic field in the international research landscape. In Germany, however, STS is rather dispersed among existing academic disciplines, research institutes, and loosely connected academic networks and associations. To strengthen the interconnectedness of STS in Germany, we organise, a conference series that brings together German organisations, labs, and research groups that are more or less closely related to STS.

From 15-17 March 2023, the first will take place at the Human Technology Center in Aachen, Germany. The theme of the conference will be CIRCULATIONS (see abstract in the Call for Panels) and Ulrike Felt will be one of the keynote speakers. We invite proposals for open as well as closed panels. We also welcome alternative conference formats such as workshops and walkshops, artistic explorations, and other interactive session formats. If you would like to contribute, please send a panel proposal (preferably as plain text file, 300-500 words, plus 80 words biographical note on each contributor) by June 30th 2022 to

For more information, please have look at the Call for Panels and contact if you have any questions. 2023 is jointly organised by Stefan Bschen, Paula Helm, Stefan Laser, Ingmar Lippert, JanHendrik Passoth, Jan-Felix Schrape, Cornelius Schubert, Mareike Smolka, Jan-Peter Vo, and Lisa Wiedemann (alphabetical order).

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