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Message posted on 25/11/2021

Call // The transition to low-carbon energy systems and new regimes of ownership // STS Graz 2022

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Dear colleagues,

we are organizing a session on "The transition to low-carbon energy systems= and new regimes of ownership" at the STS conference in Graz, 4-6 May, 2022= . General information on the conference you can find here: https://stsconf.=

The call for abstracts for our session can be found attached as well as her= e: stems/. We are particularly interested in the analysis of emerging conflict= s, framings, trade-offs, side effects as well as emerging decision making s= tructures around ownership regimes and property rights in the context of re= newables. Abstracts can be submitted here: ference-graz-2022/. The deadline for the submission of abstracts is 22 Janu= ary 2022.

We are looking forward to your contributions! In case of any questions plea= se do not hesitate to get in touch.

With best wishes

Marco Sonnberger & Matthias Gro=DF

Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena

Section for Environmental Sociology

Dr. Marco Sonnberger

Telefon: ++49 160 93 22 46 88

Recent publications:

Sonnberger, Marco; Graf, Antonia (2021): Sociocultural dimensions of mobili= ty transitions to come: introduction to the special issue. In: Sustainabili= ty: Science, Practice and Policy 17(1), 174-185. 487733.2021.1927359

Sonnberger, Marco; Lindner, Doris (2021): Participation in real-world labor= atories in a new light?! Closing the gap between co-creative and deliberati= ve participation. In: Spatial Research and Planning 79(4), 424-437. https:/= /

Sonnberger, Marco; Ruddat, Michael; Arnold, Annika; Scheer, Dirk; Poortinga= , Wouter; B=F6hm, Gisela et al. (2021): Climate concerned but anti-nuclear:= Exploring (dis)approval of nuclear energy in four European countries. In: = Energy Research & Social Science 75 (5), 102008. erss.2021.102008

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