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Message posted on 18/11/2021

STS-MIGTEC Circle | Wednesday 24 November | with Lisa Marie Borrelli

Dear friends and colleagues,

We would like to invite you to our next STS-MIGTEC CIRCLE session on Wednes= day, 24 November, 15:00-17:00 CET.

We are very happy to host Lisa Marie Borrelli (Haute Ecole de Travail Socia= l,HES-SO Valais-Wallis). Below you can find further information about the e= vent and registration.

Deportation Procedures in Switzerland: Infrastructural Performances

Abstract: The politicised debates on the detention and deportation of migra= nt individuals within Europe often overlook the implementation of policies = and laws and more specifically the role of infrastructures used to carry ou= t deportations. Recent research has highlighted the relevance of studying t= he infrastructures accompanying practices of migration enforcement as a cru= cial part of the implementation process. Infrastructures, including network= s and materials, are used to deport people from various sites and through v= arious means; they are part of the mundanity of border enforcement but are = also used to enact violent state practices. This contribution adds to the t= heoretical debates with original empirical insights on deportation implemen= tation processes in Switzerland. The ethnography followed Swiss street-leve= l bureaucrats, caseworkers in migration offices as well as police units, in= charge of planning and executing deportation orders. Interviews and partic= ipant observation allowed for in-depth analysis of old and new sites of dep= ortations and how they render practices invisible to outsiders. At the same= time, analysing the materiality of deportation disclosed how its mundanity= is established through reinvented uses of seemingly everyday tools that ar= e mobilised as elements for forced displacement. Finally, the study of depo= rtation infrastructure disclosed the performance of border control in which= contestations of migrant individuals are strongly inhibited and state powe= r materialises. The infrastructural approach highlights sociopolitical traj= ectories of power, knowledge, and contestations.


Interested participants can register by writing an email to stsmigtec.circl= The participants will then = be provided with the link for the zoom-meeting and the draft paper the pres= enters share for discussion. The number of participants is limited to 15 pa= rticipants to maintain the conditions for a fruitful discussion.

About STS-MIGTEC Circle:

The STS-MIGTEC Circle is a small format which takes place once a month and = which serves to reflect jointly on work-in-progress contributions related t= o the themes of interest to STS MIGTEC. The idea is to create a safe space = for probing and experimenting with ideas, arguments, attempts of analysis, = sense-making of empirical material. It=92s the right space for you if you a= lready invested substantial energy and dedication into that work, but you s= till feel the piece to be raw and fragile. We invite individual scholars = =96 of all career stages =96 to take other interested scholars on board to = jointly reflect and discuss with care and constructive feedback.

Looking forward to a constructive discussion!

Best wishes, Jasper and Sylvana on behalf of the STS-MIGTEC committee

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