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Message posted on 18/10/2021

1 Postdoctoral Researcher Position at the Department of STS, TUM

1 postdoctoral researcher position based at the Department of STS, the Tech= nical University of Munich

Deadline: Nov 4, 2021

The Professorship of Science & Technology Policy (Prof. Dr. Ruth M=FCller),= based at the Department of STS at the Technical University of Munich, anno= unces an open position for a postdoctoral researcher (TV-L E13, 100%, 1 yea= r). The position is to start as soon as possible, latest on Jan 1, 2022. Ap= plication deadline: Nov 4, 2021.

About us The research group =93Science & Technology Policy=94 (STP) explores the int= eractions between science, technology, society and policy, focusing specifi= cally on transforming and emerging knowledge cultures in academia and their= social, political and ethical dimensions. The STP group is based at the De= partment of Science, Technology & Society at the newly founded TUM School o= f Social Sciences & Technology. The department is home to about 60 research= ers in STS, hosts two international MA programs (MA Science & Technology St= udies and MA Responsibility in Science, Engineering and Technology) and is = a hub for international guest researchers in STS.

About the research project The project =93Wissensschaftskulturen in Deutschland=93, supported by the V= W Foundation, is a pilot project that explores contemporary scientific cult= ures in Germany, focusing specifically on challenges and opportunities for = aspiring researchers (postdocs and tenure track researchers) and how this g= roup of researchers can be enabled to conduct rigorous, creative and respon= sible research. To this end, we will conduct case studies at a range of Ger= man research institutions which aim to elucidate how circumstances, opportu= nities and challenges differ based on research field, institutional context= and other variables. The project will employ qualitative research methods,= such as semi-structured interviews, focus groups and document analysis. Re= search findings are intended to critically and constructively inform fundin= g programs and other activities at the VW Foundations. Through internationa= l expert workshops and other activities, the project offers unique opportun= ities to network with international scholars in STS and science policy expe= rts.

Your tasks as postdoctoral researcher As a postdoctoral researcher, you will work as part of the project team, to= gether with Prof. Dr. Ruth M=FCller. Your tasks will include empirical rese= arch and data analysis, presentation of results at international academic m= eetings and in international academic journals, and the organization of res= earch-related academic events. Beyond the project, you will be part of the = Science & Technology Policy research group and the lively STS research comm= unity at the STS department more generally. You will actively participate i= n the academic life of the group and the department, which both regularly h= ost international guest researchers and academic events. Applicants should hold a PhD in STS or related social science research fiel= ds. A successful candidate will be familiar with STS concepts and theories;= experienced in qualitative social science research methods; interested in = working in an interdisciplinary and collaborative research environment and = in engaging with other knowledge cultures; able to work independently and a= s part of a team; and capable of both rigorous and creative academic work. = English language skills at a high level of quality are essential for the po= sition and for academic life at the STS department in general. For this pro= ject, high level German skills are essential, too. We are looking for inspi= red and inspiring new talents who want to work in and contribute to an exci= ting, interdisciplinary STS research environment.

Application documents Your complete application documents must include your CV, your PhD degree c= ertificate, a letter of motivation (max. 2 pages), 1-2 writing samples (e.g= ., thesis chapters, articles, etc.), and names and contact details of 2 ref= erences, including a brief statement explaining your relationship to each o= f the named references.

Interested? Please send your complete application as a single pdf document to applicati= We will accept an= d review all applications received up until and including Nov 4, 2021. Inte= rviews will be conducted shortly after the application deadline, in person = or via a video conferencing tool. We are committed to raising the number of women and gender-non-binary indiv= iduals in research and teaching, who are especially encouraged to apply. Ap= plicants with disabilities are treated with preference given comparable qua= lification.

If you have questions about the application procedure, please contact appli= If you have c= ontent-related questions, please contact and

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