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Message posted on 30/06/2021

**Lecture Series "After Sustainability", Prof. Frank Biermann on "Earth System Governance", 06.07.21, 6:30 PM **

Dear colleagues,

For the second talk of the Lecture Series "After Sustainability" organized by the Center for sustainable society research (CSS) at Universitt Hamburg, we are very happy to welcome Prof. Frank Biermann (Utrecht University), founder of the Earth System Governance Project, for a lecture on "From Environmental Policy to Earth System Governance?" Date: 6 July 2021, 06:30 PM (Berlin time) via Zoom Webinar Registration is open for all via

Abstract: The mainstream "environmental policy" paradigm can no longer capture the myriad transformations and interconnections of our planetary systems. Which new concepts are available? What are the central questions for the social sciences to "navigate the Anthropocene"? In this talk, Frank Biermann develops his vision of new governance to cope with the Anthropocene challenges of the 21st century, covering important issues such as planetary justice, planetary boundaries and the role of the Sustainable Development Goals, the need to decolonize sustainability discourses, and the dangers of the increasing normalization of geoengineering.

You can download the poster for the lecture including here. Up-to-date information on upcoming talks can be found here.

Please feel free to share widely.

We are looking forward to seeing you on 6 July! Best wishes Stefan Aykut

Prof. Dr. Stefan C. Aykut Juniorprofessor fr Soziologie Director, Center for Sustainable Society Research (CSS) Universitt Hamburg | Fakultt WISO | FB Sozialkonomie --- Currently in Homeoffice: Tel: +49 15110770775 ---

Recent publications: Global by Nature? Three Dynamics in the Making of Global Climate Change, Globalizing Issues | Incantatory governance. Global climate politics' performative turn, International Politics | Climatiser le monde, Quae | The accountant, the admonisher and the animator, CSS Working Paper

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