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Message posted on 09/04/2021

VACANCY: Postdoc position at University of Liège - ERC EUDAIMONIA project

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to inform you that the University of Liège (Belgium, founded in 1817) is recruiting a postdoctoral scholar with expertise in Actor-Network Theory as part of an ERC project in European Union law that starts in September 2021.

The University of Liège has a long-standing tradition in cutting-edge research in the field of European Union (EU) law. Within the “Cité” Research Unit embedded within the Faculty of Law, Political Science and Criminology, the European Union law research group presently constitutes an interdisciplinary team comprising about 15 researchers working on the intersections between EU law and related disciplines (economics, information technology sciences, social sciences).

From September 2021, the group will host the ERC StG project EUDAIMONIA (GA: 948473, That project seeks to map the impact of European Union law obligations on national administrative organisation designs across a wide variety of sectors. In order to grasp this impact, it will rely Actor-Network Theory (ANT). Although well-known across a variety of social sciences (science and technology studies [STS], sociology, anthropology), this method is new in the field of (EU) legal scholarship. In addition to classical legal research methods, semi-structured interviews and questionnaires will be sent to national authorities and administrations seeking to uncover the role and impact of EU law (as one object among many others) on their design and operations.

The EUDAIMONIA project will be divided in three work packages: the first work package will analyse the legal rules in place, the second will uncover the context in which those rules produce effects and the third will draw conclusions from the findings of the previous packages. The ANT research takes place within the framework of the second work package.

We are currently looking to recruit a postdoctoral scholar with experience in ANT research to coordinate, develop, implement and execute the second work package. The appointed researcher will have to opportunity to manage an important part of the project in an independent way, working closely with the PI and to publish research results in peer-reviewed journals. She/he is expected to become one of the faces of the ERC project.

The University of Liège offers a three year, full-time postdoctoral position and remuneration in accordance with Belgian senior researcher salary scales. Researchers in STS, sociology (of law) and anthropology (of law) are particularly welcome to apply. We are also open to receive applications from PhDs in other fields with demonstrable experience in ANT research. Doctoral researchers obtaining their PhD by September 2021 are also welcome to apply.

Please find more information in the vacancy notice attached.

Many thanks for spreading the word, I look forward to receiving applications.

Best wishes,

Pieter Van Cleynenbreugel, PhD (KUleuven), LL.M. (Harvard)

Professor of European Union law PI, ERC StG EUDAIMONIA University of Liège

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