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Message posted on 23/03/2021

Lectureship in Social/Health Anthropology - Durham University

Dear colleagues,

The Department of Anthropology at Durham University is inviting applications for the post of Lecturer in Social/Health Anthropology. This is a 48 month, fixed-term position, with a start date of September 2021. Please find more details here:

The closing date is 8th April with presentations and interviews likely to take place on 9/10th June.

Please circulate within your networks.

Very best wishes,


Dr Roslyn Malcolm Assistant Professor Department of Anthropology, Durham University

I try to respect our Departmental email policy that encourages us to send and reply to email only between 08.00 and 18.00, Monday to Friday.

My drop-in hours are Tuesday 10-12, Thursday 1-3 (Year Tutees) Virtual meeting room: @RoslynMalcolm

Recent publications Malcolm, R. (2021). "There's No Constant": Oxytocin, Cortisol and Balanced Proportionality in Hormonal Articulations of Autism. Medical Anthropology. Malcolm, R. (2021). Milk's Flows: Transmitting Kinship, Health and Personhood. Medical Humanities. Malcolm, R., Ecks, S. & Pickersgill, M. (2018). It just opens up their world autism, empathy, and the therapeutic effects of equine interactions. Anthropology & Medicine 25(2): 220-234.

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