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Message posted on 18/12/2020

Fwd: book info - can you please send this around your lists?

Apologies for cross-posting

I'm happy to distribute the announcement of the book “The Politics of Maps: Cartographic Constructions of Israel/Palestine” with Oxford University Press. Book reviewers are sought for (check below ;)

Please forward as you see fit. Many thanks, Gianluca

Gianluca Miscione University College Dublin

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Hi all,

I’m happy to let you know about the publication of our new book “The Politics of Maps: Cartographic Constructions of Israel/Palestine” that was published this summer with Oxford University Press.

This book focuses on the interaction between map-making, politics and state-building in Israel/Palestine. It traces the socio-cultural history of the geographical sciences before and after the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948 and investigates how maps became one of the many battlefields in which political conflicts over land claims and the ethno-national identity of contested lands are being waged.

Attached is a flyer from the publisher with a short description of the book and a code to get 30% off its purchase price. A short description is also available here: al-power.

If you or someone you know would be interested in reviewing the book I can organize reviewer copies through the publisher. I can be reached via

Best wishes,


Christine Leuenberger

Dr. Christine Leuenberger Cornell University Department of Science & Technology Studies 307 Morrill Hall Ithaca, NY 14853-2501 Fax: 607 255-9044 E-mail:

Leuenberger, Christine (and Izhak Schnell) The Politics of Maps: Cartographic Constructions of Israel/Palestine. Oxford University Press. 2020


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