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Message posted on 28/09/2020

Book selection to review for Science and Technology Studies - 2

Dear all,

Thank you veru much for all the expressions of interests to review the
books in the selection. In the next few days, I will reply to all the
expressions of interests. In the meanwhile, these are the books who
are still available for reviews: 


Pankaj Sekhsaria, ‘Nanoscale - Society’s deep impact on science,
technology and innovation in India’, 2020, Authors UPFRONT, 182 pages,
ISBN 978-9-38728-070-0   Göde Both  (ED.), Keeping Autonomous Driving Alive; An ethnography
of visions, masculinity and fragility, Budrich Academic Press, 2020,
145 pages, ISBN: 978-3-96665-009-0

Klimburg-Witjes, N., Pöchhacker, N. & Bowker, G.C. (forthcoming
2020).Sensing In/Security. Sensors as Transnational Infrastructures.
Mattering Press, Manchester. Collins, H. M., et al. "Experts and the Will of the People." Cham:
Palgrave Macmillan (2020).

Van de Wiel, Lucy. FREEZING FERTILITY: Oocyte Cryopreservation and
the Gender Politics of Aging. New York University Press, 2020.   COREEN. MCGUIRE. MEASURING DIFFERENCE, NUMBERING NORMAL: Setting
the Standards for Disability in the Interwar... Period. MANCHESTER
University Press, 2020.  

Should anyone be interested, please do write to me
( asap. 

Thanks in advance, have a nice week


Vincenzo  -- Vincenzo Pavone Permanent Research Fellow. Institute of Public Goods and Policies (IPP) Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) Calle Albasanz 26-28 Tel. 0034916022351 28037 Madrid SPAIN Bioeconomies book available at:

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