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Message posted on 02/09/2020

Apply Now! ORION Open Science Train the Trainer Course - deadline 20.9.20

Participate in the ORION Open Science
Train-the-Trainer Online Course
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Are you an Open Science advocate or enthusiast? Do you want to help others
practice Open Science?

The ORION Open Science Train-the-Trainer is an online course which enables
its participants to deliver Open Science training in a variety of
contexts.The course runs from October 19th – November 4th 2020 and all
aspects of the course can be done remotely. At the end of the course you
will be able to try out your acquired skills in a real world setting: as a
live virtual micro training at the Open Science Café during the
international Berlin Science Week
The Train-the-Trainer course is created by experienced Open Science
trainers and adult education specialists. All participants who complete the
course will receive an ORION Open Science Trainer certificate.

Limited places so apply now!

Sun 20th Sept 2020.

Previous knowledge of Open Science is required: the ORION MOOC for Open
Science in the Life Sciences 2.0

available as a primer.
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