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Message posted on 13/07/2020

Fwd: Responsibility Beyond Growth virtual book launch seminar, 30 July - all welcome

Apologies for any cross-posting. Please feel free to circulate among your
networks, all are welcome!

The Fourth Quadrant Research Network and Manchester Metropolitan
University are pleased to invite you to an online book launch to celebrate
the publication of “Responsibility Beyond Growth: A Case for Responsible
Stagnation”, by Stevienna de Saille, Fabien Medvecky, Michiel van
Oudheusden, Kevin Albertson, Effie Amanatidou, Timothy Birabi and Mario

When: 30th July 2020 5:00 to 6:30 p.m. British Summer Time
Where: via Zoom. Please go to to register. The link
for the talk will be provided to registered guests via email.

With Guest speaker: Professor Richard Owen: University of Bristol

Contributing speakers: Stevienna de Saille: University of Sheffield; Fabien
Medvecky: University of Otago; Kevin Albertson: Manchester Metropolitan
University; Effie Amanatidou: University of Manchester; Timothy Birabi:
University of London; Mario Pansera: Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona

Responsibility Beyond Growth: A Case for Responsible Stagnation

Innovation is generally considered to be the antidote to
economic stagnation. But while the coupling of ‘responsible' and
'innovation’ has been much discussed, that of 'responsible stagnation'
gone largely unexplored. In this book, we take this concept seriously as
a means to question the political economy of science, technology
and innovation, both as policy and as process, and the problems which arise
from unquestioned emphasis on innovation as the means to increase GDP. The
book argues that examining what responsible stagnation might contribute
opens new space in the growing global discussion about RI, incorporating
innovation in non-market oriented processes, goods and services which have
strong societal benefit but do not necessarily contribute to GDP. It
examines the conundrum of diminishing productivity returns and
increased environmental and social hazards associated with attempts
to increase GDP, and how taking a growth-agnostic approach contributes to
recalibrating innovation around responsibility as its focal point. Drawing
on insights from ecological and steady state economics, Science and
Technology Studies, and social innovation across the world, this
interdisciplinary group of scholars questions how the growth paradigm
shapes and limits the innovation space, and how decoupling innovation from
growth points toward myriad possibilities for facilitating human well-being
in more environmentally and socially responsible ways.

Available with pre-order discount from:

The Fourth Quadrant Research Network (4QRN) is an international
collaboration between economists, political scientists and science and
technology scholars interested in growth-agnostic approaches to innovation.
For more information and to join, see our new site at

Stevienna de Saille, PhD
Research Fellow, Institute for the Study of the Human (iHuman)
Department of Sociological Studies / Faculty of Social Sciences
University of Sheffield
c/o ICOSS, 219 Portobello
Sheffield S1 4DP
Co-Founder, Fourth Quadrant Research Network on Responsible Stagnation
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