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Message posted on 14/05/2020

Journal of Scientometric Research -- New Issue 9(1) is now online

Journal of Scientometric Research

Vol 9, Issue 1 | January-April 2020

Research Articles

- Knowledge Hubs of Russia: Bibliometric Mapping of Research Activity
| Andrey Mikhaylov, Anna Mikhaylova,
Dmitry Hvaley
- Prostate Cancer Research, 2000-16, its Citation Impact and its
Influence on Clinical Practice Guidelines
| Elena Pallari, Mursheda Begum, Ajay
Aggarwal, Grant Lewison
- Research Productivity Through the Lens of Doctoral Guidance: A Study
of Sanskrit Universities in India | S
- Mapping Scientific Collaboration: A Bibliometric Study of Rice Crop
Research in India | Avinash Kumar,
Sambit Mallick, Pradip Swarnakar
- Bibliometric Evaluation of Research in Hydrochar and Bio-oil
| Sara Mikhail, Ayushi Anand, Shrikalaa
Kannan, Vijaya Raghavan
- Scientometric Analysis of Computer Science Publications in Journals
and Conferences with Publication Patterns
| Priti Kumari and Rajeev Kumar
- Effect of Common Extraneous Citation Optimizing Factors on Journal
Impact Indicators | Rabishankar Giri,
Sabuj Kumar Chaudhuri
- An Empirical Examination of Citation in Life Science
| CH Peidu

Research Note

- Comparison of h and m Indices among Departments in McGovern Medical
School | Ayman Saleh, Fei Cao, Salih

Book Review

- Exploring Links Between Field Research and Information Design
| Bidyarthi Dutta
- Searching, Searching, Every Where, How to Find My Bit?: The New
Paradigm | Bidyarthi Dutta

We are pleased to announce that Journal of Scientometric Research
is indexed by Scopus & ESCI. Publications at this
journal are licensed under CC-BY 4.0.

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