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Message posted on 05/05/2020

new: COVID-19 from the margins

Dear EASST colleagues
We hope this finds you and your loved one safe and well in this strange

apologies for cross-posting

Data are at the core of the narration of the pandemic. Numbers affect
our ability to care, share empathy, and donate to relief efforts and
emergency services. Numbers are the condition of existence of the
problem, and of a country or given social reality on the global map of
concerns. Yet most countries from the so-called Global South are
virtually absent from this number-based narration of the pandemic, and
so are many invisible populations like migrants. Why, and with what
consequences? To answer this and many other pressing questions, we have
launched a new collaborative space: COVID-19 from the margins.

The multilingual blog COVID-19 from the margins [0] invites
contributions reflecting on the first pandemic of the datafied society
as it intersects situations of marginality, inequality, alterity,
poverty but also resistance and subversion.

We are particularly happy to announce that thanks to a generous funding
from the Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis (University of
Amsterdam), we are currently able to offer a small compensation to
authors of accepted blog posts
who are in precarious job conditions,
are students or unemployed, and/or from the Global South. Requests will
be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
To contribute visit [1] for English and [2] for Spanish. Any other
language accepted!

So far the blog features articles on the widening data divide in the
global South, the perils of biometric social welfare during lockdowns,
invisibilized populations (e.g. migrants) in the European continent, the
privacy hurdles of newly adopted contact tracing app in India. More are
on the way.

The blog is made possible by the funding from Amsterdam School of
Cultural Analysis, the School of Journalism, Media and Culture at
Cardiff University and the European Research Council (through the
DATACTIVE project).

Best & stay safe... and help us spread the word!

the editorial team

Emiliano Treré (Cardiff University), Silvia Masiero (Loughborough
University) & Stefania Milan (University of Amsterdam)




Stefania Milan
Associate Professor of New Media and Digital Culture, University of
@annliffey | @data_ctive
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