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Message posted on 04/05/2020

CfPs: Governing "European values" inside data flows' (Internet Policy Review)

Dear colleagues, apologies for cross-posting.

Here goes an awesome call for papers to keep your mind distracted from
the pandemic!

Mira Burri (University of Lucerne), Kristina Irion, Stefania Milan and
Ans Kolk (University of Amsterdam) invite you to submit an article for
the Special Issue of the journal Internet Policy Review on 'Governing
"European values" inside data flows'. 
The special issue will explore
innovative governance designs and instruments which aim to identify and
protect “European values” that can also adequately perform under
conditions of transnational data flows. Data and consumer protection
will certainly be core topics to be explored but the special issue will
seek to go beyond this classic point of interest collusion and explore
other values that underlie the EU’s societal structures. 

To know more:

Deadline for abstracts and expressions of interest: June 19, 2020 (note:
submit through the journal form).

The Internet Policy Review is a peer-reviewed, open access journal
dedicated to Internet regulation.

We invite conceptual, empirical and methodological papers in particular
from law, digital humanities, data science, governance research, media
and communication studies, science, technology and society studies, and
related fields. Topics may include any of the following, or related issues:

Actors, norms and processes which contribute to a governance sub-system
Corporate social responsibility, compliance incentives and new modes of
Transnational legal theory and multi-stakeholder internet governance
Digital human rights, not limited to data privacy
Novel concepts of “liquid” governance which can negotiate values and
data flows
Data governance, compute to data, ethical licensing, or politics of data
Transparency, accountability, or algorithmic auditing
State sovereignty, technological sovereignty, or actor sovereignty
Data flows, digital trade, global values chains and transnational
digital systems
Emerging forms of multi-stakeholder governance and their challenges
The role of governance by information infrastructure, including
standardization processes

We look forward to read your work!
Best and stay safe! Stefania for the editing team

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