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Message posted on 31/03/2020

PhD position (research associate, part-time, TU Dresden)


the Institute of Sociology at the Technical University of Dresden offers a PhD
position in the realm of Sociology and STS (all details attached; application
deadline is April 22). Please get in touch with me if you'd like to know more
about this position.

Best, Susann

Jun.-Prof. Susann Wagenknecht, PhD
Juniorprofessorin fr Mikrosoziologie und techno-soziale Interaktion /
junior professor in micro-sociology and techno-social interaction

Technische Universitt Dresden
Philosophische Fakultt / Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Institut fr Soziologie / Institute of Sociology
01062 Dresden, Germany

Telefon / phone: +49 351 463-37375
Bro / office: FAL 215, Chemnitzer Strae 46b

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