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Message posted on 24/02/2020

[4S 2020 / Call Abstracts] Be(com)ing industrial: objects, scales, and power dynamics at play (PANEL 13)

Dear all,

Please find below a call for papers for the open panel 13 of the Society for
Social Studies of Science (4S). The conference will be held from 18 to 21 of
august in Prague..
Deadline : February 29th / 250 words

Registration and submission here
Looking forward to reading you,

Benjamin Raimbault et Mathieu Baudrin

13. Be(com)ing industrial: objects, scales, and power dynamics at play

Benjamin Raimbault, Institute For Research and Innovation in Society; Mathieu
Baudrin, CSI-Ecole Des Mines De Paris

Since the organization of the sugar cane plantations, industrial processes
have colonized not only the model of manufacturing production, but also
logistics, bio-objects, and the digital world. The common statement describing
the service and digital societies as post-industrial ones is weakened by the
continuous expansion of industrial processes where the know-how to make
things, people, processes, more scalable and more profitable.

In the STS literature, industries have been much more discussed regarding
their role in risk and pollution than regarding their specific regimes of
constitution and perpetuation. This panel intends dealing with contemporary
industrial processes through a twofold questioning:

1/ How scalability can be studied in the making? What kind of knowledge are
produced to make things and tasks scalable? How do industrial processes
articulate initial projects, international norms and cost evaluation? What
does it do to the objects, to persons and spaces that are absorbed in those

2/ How do industries define themselves across time? How economic interests
emerge? How techno-industrial assemblages are reshaped through critical
moments? Being an industry is not as obvious that it may be, it requires a
process of self-definition, collective identification, political
representation, that can’t be taken for granted. The ability to identify
what are the core and might shift across time to preserve the industry facing

This panel invites empirical and theoretical papers that document or help to
answer to one or more of these questions.


Keywords: Scalability-industrial processes-extension and maintenance of
techno-industrial assemblage

Categories: Engineering and Infrastructure

Economics, Markets, Value/Valuation

Mathieu Baudrin
Mines Paristech (Centre de Sociologie de l'Innovation)
60 Bd Saint-Michel 75006 Paris
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