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Message posted on 08/02/2020

Call for submissions: EASST/4S Prague 2020 "Organizing Technoscientific Capitalism" – panel 130

We would like to invite submissions to our panel Organizing Technoscientific
Capitalism: Assets, Rents, and Values at this years EASST/4S conference in
Prague, August 2020. The deadline for submitting an abstract is February 29,

Technoscientific capitalism is organized through the configuration of
technological products, platforms, and data, as well as the configuration of
capitalist practices like accounting, corporate governance, and valuation
logics. As a result, technoscientific capitalism entails organizational
dynamics and inter-organizational relationships that often get obscured within
STS debates about the supposed neoliberalization of society and science. In
this panel, we want to explore how assets, rents, and values are made through
this configuration of technoscience and capitalism. There are many possible
analytical and empirical avenues and questions to explore here: How do
managerial practices and collaborations underpin the transformation of things
into assets? How do organizational epistemologies and resources manifest as
different forms of rentiership? And how do public-private logics and
frameworks produce specific forms of socio-economic values? Overall, we are
concerned with examining how diverse processes of assetization, rentiership,
and valuation open up and/or close down alternative futures and political

Convenors: Jane Bjrn Vedel, Copenhagen Business School; John Grant Gardner,
Monash University, Australia; and Kean Birch, York University.

Venlig hilsen / Kind regards,

Assistant professor, PhD

Kilen, Kilevej 14A / Room K.4.43
2000 Frederiksberg

Mob.: +45 5383 4078

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