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Message posted on 05/05/2019

FW: Futuring/Connecting 4S Survey - Feedback welcome

Dear Eurograd list,

In case you have missed it, there is still time to answer the “Futuring/Connecting” 4S Survey:
The survey investigates ideas about recent and future innovations in STS. Results are planned to be presented at the 2020 joint conference in Prague.
Special interest is put on answers from less represented or emergent STS communities.

Best wishes,

A. Pelizza
Associate professor
Science, Technology and Policy Studies | Faculty of Behavioural, Management & Social Sciences | University of Twente

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Dear All: We're pleased to announce the Futuring/Connecting 4S Survey. Please take a moment to participate in the survey to share feedback on your experiences and ideas about the future of STS and 4S. As mentioned in the 4S President's recent statement in Technoscience (copied below), survey results will guide the work of the Futuring/Connecting 4S ad hoc committee.

Many thanks in advance, and best, Anita Chan

Futuring/Connecting Survey

Since its founding in 1975, 4S remains an interdisciplinary and international research network uniquely “open to anyone interested in understanding developments in science, technology, or medicine in relation to their social contexts.” [i] When the first 4S Review was published in 1983 – the same year of 4S’ 7th annual meeting– it was documented that “our membership stands at between 400 and 500, and shows signs of increasing steadily. Individual members come not only from a great variety of disciplines (including anthropology, chemistry, economics, history, philosophy, physics, political science, and sociology) but also from many countries (Australia, Belgium, Canada, Israel, Mexico, Norway, the United Kingdom, and the United States, among others).” [ii] As we approach we the 44th annual meeting of 4S, and to help foster connection within the network, we invite members to the Futuring/Connecting 4S Survey to share perspectives via the survey from our diverse locales on current work, new developments, and growth within the community.

The Futuring/Connecting 4S Committee is: Anita Say Chan, Maria Belen Albornoz, Dikoh Chen, Ivan da Costa Marques, Annalisa Pelizza, Thao Phan, Ana Viseu, Sara Wylie, Kim Fortun.

(See: [i] See the 4S Website – What is 4S?: [ii] Thackray A. (1983). Many Happy Returns. 4S Review, Vol. 1, No. 1 (Spring), p. 2)
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