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Message posted on 01/03/2019

Just published: "Qu'est-ce qu'une archive du Web?", OpenEdition Press

Dear colleagues,

It is my pleasure to announce, especially to the francophones among you,
that the book "Qu'est-ce qu'une archive du Web?" ("What is a Web
Archive?"), that I co-authored with Camille Paloque-Bergès, Valérie Schafer
and Benjamin G. Thierry, is now published with OpenEdition Press.

We are especially delighted that the book has been selected as one of the
six 'pioneer' works in the programme OpenEdition Books Select
, and is thus immediately and fully
available in open access in HTML, PDF and EPUB formats here

Happy reading!
Kind regards

Francesca Musiani, Ph.D.

Chargée de recherche | Associate Research Professor, CNRS

Directrice adjointe | Deputy Director, Centre for Internet and Society [CIS],
UPR 2000
Chercheuse associée | Associate Researcher, i3-CSI
, MINES ParisTech
Global Fellow, Internet Governance Lab ,
American University

I'm involved in: CPT -IAMCR | @PolicyR
| ISOC Franc e
| CSA Lab

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