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Message posted on 29/01/2019

AAC 4S 2019 : Risk Government: Putting Industries Back in the Analysis of Science-based Regulatory Tools

Dear all,

Please find below a call for papers for the open panel 126 of the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S). The conference will be held from 4 to 7 September in New-Orleans.

Deadline : February 1st / 250 words

Registration and submission here :

Looking forward to reading you,
Valentin Thomas et Mathieu Baudrin

The panel is part of the RegulRisk program from PSL* University - Pauline Barraud de Lagerie, Marc Olivier Déplaude, Emmanuel Henry, Nathalie Jas, Brice Laurent.

Risk Government: Putting Industries Back in the Analysis of Science-based Regulatory Tools (open panel n.126)

Public policies governing economic activities involving health and environmental risks bear a major contradiction. They are supposed to protect human health and the environment without hindering economic development. This panel seeks to analyze the production of these policies “from below”. It focuses on the development and implementation of science-based regulatory tools aiming at managing these risks. The panel considers that regulatory tools are both technical and social devices, and that they convey a certain representation of the world and the problems deemed important to deal with. It builds on STS scholarship on expertise, and aims to extend it, in particular by examining the relationships between the making of expert advice and the construction of markets. Far from being mere instruments of constraint, regulatory tools may constitute a resource for industries to compete against each other and shape new markets. Thus, the panel seeks to highlight the struggles that health and environmental regulations generate within industries, and how industries participate in their construction and use. The panel is especially interested in two sets of analytical questions:
1° What is the career of regulatory instruments, the logic of their development, their links with certain scientific and regulatory communities, their use and circulation in different national and transnational spaces?
2° What is the role economic actors in the construction of regulatory instruments? How do they use them? What are the effects of these instruments in terms of market transformation and innovation?

Mathieu Baudrin
Centre de Sociologie de l'Innovation (CSI)
Mines Paristech
60 Bd Saint-Michel 75006 Paris
(+33) 01 40 51 90 39
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