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Message posted on 08/01/2019

session on "Care in STS" at the Nordic STS conference 2019

Dear all,

Please consider submitting an abstract to our thematic session at the next
Nordic STS Conference, which takes place in Tampere, 13th-14th of January,
2019. The deadline for submission is 18th of January, 2019.

Find info on how to submit here:

Title: Care in STS - objects, transformations and politics

Care has - after being an important topic in feminist research since the 70's
- in recent years gained increased momentum in science and technology studies
(STS). Building on a feminist ethics of care, STS scholars have emphasised
local solutions rather than general ethical principles (Mol et al. 2010). By
attending to care as a material and political doing, focus has been on care as
something being enacted in diverse practices, such as farming (Singleton
2012), health care (Mol 2010), soil and permaculture (Puig de la Bellacasa
2017) and laboratories (Giraud & Hollin 2016). Moreover, feminist STS scholars
have noted that care is not a taken-for-granted good; it should not be
conflated with affection and positive feelings (Martin et al. 2015), and it
can include harm and vulnerabilities (Singleton & Mee 2017). In the process of
cherishing some things, care also excludes others. Importantly, this points
towards the possibilities and problems of care as a topic for STS research.
What is gained from studying practices as care practices and what is lost?
What is made present and what is made absent? When and where is it fruitful to
think about science and technology as matters of care? We are, thus,
interested in further pushing care as an analytical and empirical resource for
STS scholars.
This panel welcomes contributions that engage with care in various ways, and
from a range of empirical areas. We welcome papers that empirically,
methodologically and theoretically approach the growing importance of care for
STS analysis. This can for example be about:

Pushing care in new empirical areas
Care as a matter of (translocal) responsibility
Care as doing bads and goods
Tensions between care as empirical practice and research practice
Care research as ethico-political practice
Methods as a way of doing care

We look forward to your proposals!


Doris Lydahl, University of Tampere/University of Gothenburg,
Elena Bogdanova, University of Gothenburg,
Linda Soneryd, University of Gothenburg,
Lisa Lindn, University of Gothenburg/Lancaster University,

Lisa Lindn
PhD, Postdoc
Department of Sociology and Work Science, University of Gothenburg
publication: Lindn, L (forthcoming 2019) Love and Fear? Affect, Public
Engagement and the Use of Facebook in HPV Vaccination Communication, Science &
Technology Studies
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