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CFP - 23rd Science and Technology Indicators conference - September 12-14, 2018

"Science, Technology and Innovation indicators in Transition"

The STI/ENID 2018 conference will be held 12-14 September 2018 in Leiden, The
Netherlands. This edition will have a special focus on the discussion of
indicators in transition as a driving force for more comprehensive, broader
and socially oriented forms of Science, Technology and Innovation indicators
and evaluations.

We welcome contributions on the general topics covered by the conference as
well as contributions to the special tracks.

Contributions on, but not limited to, the following general topics:

Altmetrics & social media (theoretical foundations, validation
studies, Data sources, etc.)

Careers in science (Gender and diversity, careers outside academia,
early career researcher experience, etc.)

Indicators of Science and Technology (responsible use of indicators,
societal impact of research, systemic and behavioral effects of indicators,

Innovation (gendered innovations, public-private interactions,
industrial R&D dynamics, etc.)

Open Science (Open access, Open data, Open science and the academic
reward system, etc.)

Research evaluation (responsible research evaluation, methods in
research evaluation, case studies, etc.)

Research integrity (policies promoting research integrity and their
effects, misconducts in scientific , publishing, studies of other types of
misconduct in research, etc.)

Special tracks (click on the title to read a description of the track in your

1. A closer look into corporate science and publishing

Roberto Camerani; Nicola Grassano; Laurens Patricia; Daniele Rotolo; Antoine
Schoen; Robert Tijssen and Alfredo Yegros

2. Challenges in establishing macro-level effects of macro-level

Jochen Glser; Carolina Caibano; Thomas Franssen; Grit Laudel and Jesper W.

3. Reproducibility in scientometrics

Sybille Hinze; Jason Rollins; Andrea Scharnhorst; Jesper W. Schneider; Theresa
Velden and Ludo Waltman

4. Research assessments as participatory explorations on content,
missions, methods and indicators

Noortje Marres; Ismael Rafols and Sarah de Rijcke

5. Assessment of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) beyond
indicator development

Ingeborg Meijer; Susanne Bhrer; Erich Griessler; Ralf Lindner; Frederic
Maier; Niels Mejlgaard; Viola Peter; Jack Stilgoe; Richard Woolley and Angela

6. Studies in the sociology and history of the sciences, social sciences,
arts and humanities

Matteo Romanello; Giovanni Colavizza and Thomas Franssen

7. Scientific and technological novelty: impact and determinants

Jacques Mairesse; Fabiana Visentin and Michele Pezzoni

8. Determining and steering research quality in practice: the
institutional research perspective

Cathelijn Waaijer; Ad Scheepers and Nynke Jo Smit

9. Open scholarship

Thed Van Leeuwen; Clifford Tatum and Paul Wouters

10. Public-private interactions in business innovation

Hugo Hollanders and Lili Wang

11. Challenges of social media data for bibliometrics

Katrin Weller; Astrid Orth and Isabella Peters

12. Rethinking the research agenda on the internationalization of the
scientific workforce

Eric Welch; Julia S. Melkers; Nicolas Robinson-Garcia and Eric van Holm

Key dates
1 April 2018:
Deadline for submissions (papers and posters)
June 15, 2018
Notification of acceptance


1. Short paper (max 3,000 words) with a comprehensive description of a
completed study (download the

2. Poster (max 1,000 words) with an abstract of the study (download the

Submit your paper


STI2018 organising committee

Centre for Science & Technology Studies (CWTS)
University Leiden
PO Box 905

Visiting Address
Willem Einthoven Building
Kolffpad 1
2333 BN Leiden
The Netherlands



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