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Message posted on 03/10/2021

Job Announcement: “Knowing Vaccines. Policies, Practices, People” Innovative Training Network

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Dear list members,
we would like to share the following job announcement for an Innovative
Training Network Knowing Vaccines. Policies, practices, people with four PhD
positions (3 years) in History, Anthropological Studies in Culture and History
(Empirische Kulturwissenschaft), Media Studies, Ethnology, and one Post-doc
position (2 years) at the University of Hamburg.

We address the research fields Medical History, Science and Technology
Studies, Anthropology of the Body, Public Health. Please find the relevant job
here and further information on
our website

Deadline for job applications is Oct. 22th 2020

Best wishes, Gertraud Koch

Prof. Dr. Gertraud Koch
Institute of Anthropological Studies in Culture and History
University of Hamburg
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