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Message posted on 21/11/2020

Professor In Science and Technology Studies

                Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

We have the pleasure to forward you as attachments the job advertisement and
the specifications for the engagement of

a Professor assistant (tenure track) or a Professor Associate In Science and
Technology Studies 100%

within the Department of Sociology of the University of Geneva.

The applications as well as all the information about this position are
accessible by clicking on the link below:

Please forward this job advertisement to your network.

Thank you in advance for your precious collaboration.

Best wishes,

Secrtariat de sociologie

Universit de Genve, Facult des sciences de la socit SdS
Dpartement de sociologie DEPSO
Institut de recherches sociologues IRS

Uni-Mail, Bureau 4209
40 Boulevard du Pont-d'Arve, CH-1211 Genve 4
Tl. : +41 (0)22  379 07 20 / 83 02

Cornelia Hummel
Professeure associe
Dpartement de sociologie
Universit de Genve - Uni-Mail
1211 Genve 4

Directrice de l'Unit de sociologie visuelle
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