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Message posted on 13/01/2020

Invitation for paper submission - panel on "Research in Wild: Reassembling the Categories 'Nature', 'Science', and 'Local Communites', EASA conference- Lisbon, July 21-24

                Dear collagues,
<br>we are kindly inviting you to submit an abstract to our sessions on panel
<br>*Research in Wild: Reassembling the Categories 'Nature', 'Science', and
<br>'Local Communites' *(see
<br> )
<br>The deadline is January 20th, 2020.
<br>Sincerely yours,
<br>Ivan Tchalakov, Irina Popravko
<br>*Ivan Tchalakov, Ph.D.*
<br>Professor of Sociology of Science and Technology - Department of Applied
<br>and Institutional Sociology, University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria
<br>Senior Research Fellow - BAS Institute for the Study of Knowledge & Society
<br>Senior Research Fellow - Center for Policy Analyses & Studies of
<br>Technologies (PAST), Tomsk State University, Russia
<br>Editor-in-Chief - International Journal of Actor-Network Theory and
<br>Technological Innovation (from 2016 till 2018)
<br>2016 Fulbright Research Fellow - Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
<br>phone  +359 899 417530; +7 961 891 0596
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