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Message posted on 13/01/2020

BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT: Programming with Python for Social Scientists

                Hi all
<br>My book, "Programming with Python for Social Scientists", is out today (full
<br>details on the publisher's website:
<br>s/book259581), available at places that sell these kind of books :-) It's
<br>designed for total newcomers to coding, building up to cover how to use Python
<br>to engage in lots of different social-science-relevant tasks including
<br>web-scraping, working with social media APIs, pulling and decoding datasets in
<br>different formats, and visualising data. Some testimonials below:
<br>"Great resource for all students and researchers looking for a clear,
<br>accessible, yet comprehensive introduction to Python and coding." (Nicola
<br>Perra, University of Greenwich)
<br>"This is an engaging, insightful and sophisticated guide to Python for social
<br>scientists. It's a manual of the highest quality and a practice led
<br>intervention with the potential to shape the future of the digital social
<br>sciences. I can't recommend it highly enough." (Mark Carrigan, University of
<br>Happy to answer any questions anyone might have, please share widely (any help
<br>is very much appreciated), thank you!
<br>Best wishes
<br>Phil Brooker
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