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Message posted on 09/01/2020

CFP 4S / EASST Conference - Cosmogrammatics

                Dear Eurograd subscribers,
<br>this is to make you aware of open panel at the EASST + 4S JOINT CONFERENCE 2020 ( in Prague, August 18-21.
<br>The Deadline for paper abstracts is February 29. The full list of panels can be found here: 
<br>31. Cosmogrammatics. Nature(s) in planetary designs
<br>Johannes Bruder, FHNW Academy of Art and Design; Gökce Günel, Rice University; Selena Savic, FHNW Academy of Art and Design
<br>Since the 1960s, the ‘environmental age’ has churned out ecologies in pursuit either of technologically controlling “nature” or of loosening the modernist grip on that which is supposed to be untamed. However, one is rarely to be had without the other: even the most romantic attempts at rewilding that which surrounds us tend to involve sociotechnical imaginaries and are typically bound to the will to and practices of design. At a time where the Earth and the living environment are conceived to be in an irreversible state of crisis, all attempts at grasping the essence of, rescuing, reclaiming, reinstating or repairing the world’s natural (dis)order have become infrastructural and involve unapologetically technical concepts such as biodiversity, equilibrium and sustainability. In fact, it seems increasingly impossible to think nature independent of its enclosing and regulating architectures and technologies.
<br>This panel is conceived to assemble an image of nature and the natural based on contemporary planetary designs. Countering the “prevailing scholarly trend of materialist critique” (Hu 2017), we seek to emphasize the imaginary aspects of those designs instead of their physical manifestations and aim at investigating how nature and the natural have been defined through what we conceive as contemporary ‘cosmogrammatics’ – technical manuals, architectural plans and diagrams, logistical patents, policy documents, post-anthropocentric exhibitions, speculative (design) fictions etc. This panel invites contributions that are topically, theoretically, and methodologically related to the intersections of ecology, design (incl. architecture) and STS; we hope to include classic academic papers as well as alternative (e.g. practice-based) contributions.
<br>We look forward to your submissions!
<br>All best
<br>gg & ss & jb
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